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New Zealand's MX-5 Turbo

Few car enthusiasts are aware the New Zealand received their own version of the MSM called the MX-5 Turbo.

On Feb 5, 2004 this car was the first of 15 (Australian spec SEs, renamed MX-5 Turbo) vehicles produced for the New Zealand Market.

All 15 VINs have been identified.

The colour breakdown is as follows:

 5 - Sunlight Silver

 3 - Titanium Grey

 7 - Velocity Red

• All came with the standard interior as Leather was not available, nor A/C, nor cruise control.

• There were no distinguishing emblems on the car (e.g. Turbo, SE etc.)

• Interesting note; the only option available was the removable hardtop yet NONE of the 15 were purchased with it.

• ​All vehicles were 2004 models although 6 are registered as 2005 due to timing of purchase.

• These were the only MX-5s imported into New Zealand in 2004 (non Turbos N/A). That's right you couldn't get a regular asperated MX-5 that year

​I invite you to check the Owners' Rides page to view the vehicles that have been documented with ownership details to date.


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