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Australia / New Zealand
Australia SE Registry
2004 MX5 SE Intro by Go Auto
2004 MX5 SE First OZ Look by Go Auto
2004 MX5 SE First Drive by Go Auto

2004 MX5 SE Motor Magazine Comparison
2004 MX5 SE New Zealand Review by Autocar

2004 Mazda MX5 SE Brochure - Australia

2004 Mazda MX5 Full Brochure w/SE - Australia
MX-5 Turbo Brochure - New Zealand

2004 MSM Canadian Introduction by
2004 MSM Canadian Introduction by LeDevoir
2004 MSM Canadian Opinion Video by

 MSM Canada Test Drive by Canada Free Press
2004 MSM Test Drive by
2004 MSM Test Drive by Motorweek

2005 MSM Canadian Introduction by
2005 MSM Canada Test Drive by

2004 MSM Brochure - Canada
2005 MSM Brochure - Canada

Generation Gap: Ranking each and every Mazda MX-5 Miata by

Motor Illustrated Review Sept 2018
Driving Line Looking Back Sept 2018
Octane Monkey MSM Review Sept 2019

Articles & Advertisements
2004 Mazdaspeed "Evil Twin" Ad
2004 - April 3  WHEELS preview by Laurence Yap Toronto Star
2004 - April 3  "Speedy" comment by Jim Kenzie Toronto Star
2004 - July 17  Comment by Jim Kenzie Toronto Star
2004 - July 24 Bringing the Heat Ad
2004 - Nov 13 Burning Tires by Brian Early
2004 - Aug 13 Mississauga Dealers Ad 
2004 - Dec 11 0% Financing Ad

Japan RT Registry

Roadster Turbo Brochure - Japan

United States
Lava Orange Registry
USA MSM Registry

Automobile Mag SEMA Exposure - Nov 2004
2004 MSM L.A. Introduction by SuperCars

2004 MSM Introduction by Motor Trend
2004 MSM Introduction by Road&Track
2004 MSM Introduction by Autoweek
2004 MSM Introduction King Rose Archives YouTube
2004 MSM Review by Autoweek
2004 MSM Test Drive by
New York Times Comparison 2004 MSM vs S2000
2004 Car&Driver Comparison Test

2005 MSM Introduction by Car&Driver

Terry Bradshaw Cottman Commerical with MSM
AutoGuide Top 10 Miatas of All Time
Grassroots Motorsports MSM Buyers Guide Feb 2014
CarBuzz Future Collectibles You should Buy Today
Right Foot Down Review July 2016
MotorBiscuit 8 Best Performance Miatas February 2018
Double Clutch - Enthusiast's Corner January 2019
Gear Patrol - The Mazdaspeed Miata Is Criminally Undervalued
7 cars to buy before prices tick up Hagerty Sept 2019
2005 Mazdaspeed Miata Review: Did Boost Ruin the Miata?
2004 Specs Sheet - USA
2005 Specs Sheet - USA

2004 - 2005 Production VINs with corrected Build Dates

2004 MSM Brochure - USA
2005 MSM Brochure - USA

Mazda-speed Forum (Archive Only)
Miata.Net Forum

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