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Current Owner:

Malcolm Dellow

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I bought my MSM back in August of 2015 in Kitchener, Ontario. It is my second Miata, my first being a 2003 which I bought back in May 2006. That one has been my daily driver for 10 years and now has over 400K km on it. The 03 now becomes my winter car or driver when work is happening on the MSM. (more later).
The  previous owner spent winters with it down in Florida and put most of the FM Little Enchilada on it complete with the O2 signal modifier. It does retain is stock air box though. Also has an electronic  aftermarket cruise control on it.



This past year I put in ½ inch thick closed cell supersoundproof foam mat under carpet for parcel shelf and rear firewall (the FM exhaust is quite loud) and stainless brake hoses, I have replaced the tiny 1.5“ OEM wind blocker BOSE speakers with better SB Acoustics 2½" speakers. This improved the rear sound immensely and still looks OEM as they fit in the wind blocker.


For easier maintenance I've installed a Thompson oil filter relocation kit.

The MSM now sports 949 Racing Xida coil over suspension with 7 inch main Hyperco springs as well as the helper springs. Much more compliant now over railway tracks, bad roads. 5.25 inch to rocker pinch weld.

The factory fog lamps were replaced with Morimoto Type S XB led fog lights. They are plug and play replacements with no mounting modifications needed. More light and very flat cut-off. No scattering of light.


Other minor mods consist of installing Laminex clear covers on headlights and fog lamps for protection from UV and road debris. Garagestar delrin door bushings to help stiffen chassis. FM check valve for the Mazdaspeed oil separator to prevent oil being sucked back into intake.

In early September of this year my MSM was rear ended by a Mustang. There had already been another collision on southbound west side just before the lights and cops and tow truck were all in attendance. I was going north. The Mustang came up behind me and even though emergency vehicles had their flashing lights on, he did not slow down enough like I did because of stopped vehicles ahead of me at the light. I had left sufficient room in front so was not pushed into another vehicle. I guess he had his head cranked left looking at the previous accident.

They charged him with careless driving as they all saw it happen. He had the audacity of proposing we keep the police out of it right in front of the cop who heard him say it!  The cop said that we couldn't do that as the damage was well over $2K.


Fortunately the insurance covered the repairs and all is well again and I'm looking forward to cruising in my MSM again.  To view the rebuild click here.














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