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MSM # 405172

Model: Canadian
Year: 2004 
Location: Fergus, Ont
Current Owner: Malcolm Dellow
Owner Comments:

Date of purchase: August 25, 2015
Previous owners:
At purchase by me: 150,000 km

Currently: 170,000 km
Mods a plenty:

  • Most of FM Little Enchilada

  • Rostra cruise control with wireless steering wheel mounted 250-1483 control pad.

  • Goodrich stainless brake lines.

  • Yokohama S Drive tires.

  • Replaced the tiny OEM wind blocker BOSE speakers with better SB Acoustics wideband  speakers.

  • Thompson oil filter relocation kit

  • 949 Racing Xida coilover suspension with 7 inch main Hyperco springs as well as the helper springs.

  • Installed ½ inch thick closed cell supersoundproof foam mat under carpet, parcel shelf and rear firewall to reduce road/exhaust noise & heat in cabin

  • Replaced factory fog lamps with Morimoto Type S XB led fog lights

  • Laminex clear covers on headlights and fog lamps for protection from UV and road debris.

  • Garagestar delrin door bushings installed to help stiffen chassis.

  • FM check valve for the Mazdaspeed oil separator to prevent oil being sucked back into intake.

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