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New Zealand
MX-5 Turbo Registry

It is known that 15 Australian spec SEs, renamed MX-5 Turbo for the NZ market (click here to review New Zealand variances) were imported into New Zealand when new and all 15 VINs have been identified.

The breakdown is as follows:

5 - Sunlight Silver

3 - Titanium Grey

7 - Velocity Red

  • All came with the standard interior as Leather was not available, nor A/C, nor cruise control.

  • Interesting note; the only option was the hardtop yet NONE of the 15 were purchased with it.

  • All vehicles were 2004 models although 6 are registered as 2005 due to timing of purchase.

  • These were the only MX-5s imported into New Zealand in 2004 (none Turbos N/A)


Click the Owners' Rides page to view the vehicles that have been documented with ownership details to date.

Click the Registry to view vehicle status, production date etc.


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