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# 409225 .... A Viking MSM

Vebjoern Halvorsen lives in Trondheim, Norway, and owns # 409225. This is his story.


The “real start” of this story was in 1996, a good friend of mine bought himself  a red ’91 Miata, here in Norway from the guy who imported it from Florida.  Fast forward into 1997, and my friend decided to go back to school, requiring the sale of his Miata. During a party at his place, ever the optimist, I decided to buy it. When I met my future wife in 2000, she quickly “took to it”, so we joined a local club, etc. and drove “Lille Rød”, which translates into “The Little Red”, everywhere for the next seven years.


Eventually, the wish for “a bit more power” started to emerge. But, here in Norway the rules for adding a turbo or in any way tuning your car are quite strict, so buying a factory turbo became the preferred option.


There is a handful of MSM enthusiasts in Norway (more on them in a future blog, ED) so I contacted them re: importing a car. One such owner has a brother who is a pilot, often flying to the US, so he could check out in person any potential cars. Contact was made and task provided: a red MSM, with cloth seats, and now the search was on.


Our first attempt was just prior to Christmas 2007 when I received pictures of a MSM for sale and hopes grew high. However,  after inspection, we discovered the car had been in a collision, so we passed. Then in February 2008 there was news, a 2004 MSM was found at Daytona Mazda in Florida. We reviewed the pictures, our pilot friend confirmed “All good”, and we decided to go for it.


I got pictures of the car in transit, being transported closer to the sea, and then on a boat to Norway. It felt like Christmas again! The car got to Norway arriving April 4 2008. The guy that imported it for me, “took one for the team”, and drove the car from Oslo to Trondheim, a distance of 500 kilometers.  I was now the proud owner of a US spec MSM!


After a few import regulated modifications, (Norwegian rules for lights on cars are a tad different than in the US) and it had to be registered “a bit special”, as the MSM is not imported to EU countries, it was finally  “road-ready”. 


It has only been slightly modded since importation with the first addition being the installation of a black Hard Dog Deuce roll bar. After installation, the car was much more rigid, almost “unpleasant” to drive on uneven roads: the 17-inch wheels had to go. I experimented a short while and ended up buying OZ Ultraleggera in Matt black, The stereo was also changed, as Norway has abolished FM radio, and gone “all DAB”, so there is a Pioneer system installed now, with handsfree.


All was well for several years  until the “worst” thing about the car happened in 2021, an engine rebuild was required. Spending more than he wanted Vebjoern had the engine rebuilt and now the MSM is tracking the Norway fiords better than ever.



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