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 Spotlight On - # 406376

Current Owner: Dave Lean 

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Dave Lean of Toronto, Ontario is a long time Miata enthusiast and owner of some special Miatas . Dave is a Past President of the Trillium Miata Club in Toronto and was the Chairman of the group that organized the only Miata Club of America convention outside of the United States. In fact, his first was the car used for the 1996 MCA Convention media materials  which is pretty cool.
In 2011Dave was looking for something a little more special and ended up purchasing his 2004 VR Mazdaspeed from Dave's Garage in Oakville but he wanted more!! So off to Flying Miata in Colorado where # 406376 received the royal treatment with a complete Corvette V-8 engine conversion. The process is a long one but well worth the wait as Dave claims his new "Mazdaspeedier" is the best car he has ever owned.
"The reason I choose a MSM for the conversion was that it was by far the strongest design Miata built at the time , had the best interior and best paint. A solid base car to convert to one of the best street cars around . If you were to build a Mazda Speed V8 Miata today it would cost you up in the
$ 85,000 range with the Canadian dollar exchange etc. This MSM was Flyin Miata's Build # 14
Coded CF-55, it has won over 50 car show awards in just two years. " 
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