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By The Numbers

Production Totals - Canada.jpg

As mentioned elsewhere I have approached Mazda Canada to obtain a list of VINs of only Canadian MSMs comparable to friends’ lists south of the border (see Links section). However, Mazda Canada cannot provide this VIN list as it is against the more stringent Canadian Privacy Laws which consider a VIN to be part of customer's personal information. Therefore we have built and confirmed our list over time and hope to acquire information on all 376 Canadian vehicles.

See All About the VIN

Here is a snapshot of currently known MSMs in Canada. This figure includes what I like to call the CanAm cars, which are cars initially sold in the USA but currently reside in Canada. This chart will be periodically updated as new information is received.

Totals as of Apr. 1, 2024
Breakdown by Province
Registered MSMs in Canada Nov 2023.jpg
Distribution by Province as of Apr. 1, 2024
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