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The End of an Era, the Final, Thirteen

Many Miata enthusiasts are now aware of the plant fire that supposedly ended production of the NB Miatas (and the MSM in particular) in December 2004.
However, further research indicates that is not the complete story.
There are eight cars (6 MSMs and 2 SEs) with a build date of December 20, 2004, several days after  the December 15th fire. There are two possibilities here, One is that these cars were free of the paint shop where the fire occurred and were then completed afterwards within Plant 1 or two, they were actually completed in Plant 2 similar to other affected vehicles. Further research has proven that NB production did actually continue in the Ujina No. 2 Plant for several months after the fire. In fact, there were over 400 units produced between January and April 2005 before the model changeover to the NC in May.
So let's take a look at the Final 8 in VIN sequence as we now know MSMs were NOT produced in Build # sequence.
The 6 USA model MSMs: 

Chassis #               VIN                   Build Date     Color                 Model      Notes

  414646   JM1NB354650414646   2004-12-20   Velocity Red      GT          last known location - IL

  414649   JM1NB354150414649   2004-12-20    Black Mica        STD       last known location - WA   414650   JM1NB354850414650   2004-12-20    Velocity Red     GT          last known location - UT

  414651   JM1NB354X50414651   2004-12-20    Titanium Grey  STD        last known location - VA

  414653   JM1NB354350414653   2004-12-20    Titanium Grey  STD        last known location - CA

  414654   JM1NB354550414654   2004-12-20    Black Mica        GT          last known location - CA

The 2 Australia model SEs: 

Chassis #               VIN                   Build Date      Color                Model      Notes

  400771   JM0NB30P400400771  2004-12-20     Titanium Grey  GT           Initial reg. - Victoria

  400772   JM0NB30P400400772  2004-12-20      Black Mica      GT           Initial reg. - Queensland


Chassis # 414654   The last MSM
OZ BM generic_edited.jpg
Chassis # 400772   The last SE

Interestingly enough this was NOT the final production of these vehicles worldwide as there were 5 Japanese Roadster Turbos produced
near the end of NB production later in March 2005.
This 2005 Pure White model with black cloth interior was the last Roadster Turbo produced on March 16, 2005 signalling an end of an era. A Turbo Miata/MX-5 has not been factory produced by Mazda since.
Chassis # 400819  The last Roadster Turbo
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