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 The Story of # 400343

Most Miata MX-5 enthusiasts know many of these cars made their way to different countries as regular production vehicles but there were other Countries/Territories that received brand new MSM/RT/SEs in 2004 as well, this is the story of one of them.

Singapore is located on the southern tip of Malaysia in south east Asia north west of Australia. In 2004 MX-5 Roadster Turbos were not officially imported via the designated Mazda distributor, but rather, were imported by a car retailer or a "parallel importer" in local parlance. That importer, World of Wheels, brought in two Japanese spec Roadster Turbos (one Velocity Red and one Titanium Grey) brand new back in 2004.


This particular car was the Velocity Red vehicle and came with the standard red/black cloth trim interior. The current owner, Ian Toh purchased the car from the original owner in 2011 and after several years grew tired of the colour so had it painted in the Nissan Nismo GTR's KY0 Silver. Looks pretty good wouldn't you say?

Additional  modifications included stereo, start button (which look absolutely factory)  racing style seats from a limited edition Recaro Carbon-Kevlar model produced for the Japanese 1994 RS Limited NA Miata with matching interior upgrades, roll bar,  and a new front fascia.

400343 (2).jpeg
Interior 1.jpg
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