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Black MSMs look better in the shade

Some interesting facts about the black MSM/SE models:


  • The black cars were available in two specifications USA (LHD) and Australia (RHD) only (not available in Canada, Japan or New Zealand). The USA specs were further divided into two configurations either cloth or leather interiors. The Australian cars all came with leather interiors.


  • The colour was called Black Pearl in Australia and Black Mica in the USA but the paint code (16W) was the same.


  • The first three cars produced in 2005 were Black Micas and 8 of 20 produced that day were black cars. The last MSM made for the US was a Black Mica car.


  • There was a new Black Mica MSM produced for Guam. Yes the VIN is known, and no it does not appear on the USA build list.


  • There were 427 black vehicles produced Worldwide (only 2005 models). Of that total, 165 had all black cloth interiors the remainder had leather interiors.


I'm pretty convinced they all look better in the shade too!

414059 - 1.JPG

Chassis # 411854

400754 (1) edited.jpg

Chassis # 400754

414654 (2).jpg

Chassis # 414654

400761 (2).jpg

Chassis # 400761


Chassis # 414314

411810 - Molby.jpg

Chassis # 411810


Chassis # 411854

413682 (1).jpg

Chassis # 400754


Chassis # 414445

413237 (2).jpg

Chassis # 413327

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