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 Exported Mazdaspeed Miata/MX-5s

There were approximately 6,600 Mazdaspeed Miatas (including their RHD equivalents) produced worldwide with only 300 actual units produced and sold in their country of origin, Japan.
The remaining MSM/RT/SEs, although produced in Japan, were destined for other markets such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. 
However during the past 15 years even some of those models have been exported again to different countries. Currently there are over 100 of these cars known to have been exported from their original destination. Not surprisingly the United States (which received the vast majority of MSMs) leads in exports to other countries.
Here is the currently known break down by country:
From USA
  1 to Belarus
86 to Canada
  1 to Czech Republic
  2 to Germany
  1 to Italy
  1 to Netherlands
  9 to Norway
  2 to Poland
  3 to Puerto Rico
From Canada
  1 to France


From Japan

  2 to New Zealand ***

*** Initial New Zealand imports from Mazda were Australian Spec MX5 SEs

Laser Blue project (2).jpg
Now in Belarus
Now in Norway
406991 (10).JPG
Now in Italy
404818 (3).jpeg
Now in France
412963 (4).jpg
Now in Canada
Now in New Zealand
Auction car 400285.jpg
Now in New Zealand
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