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MSM # 411385

Model: CanAm
Year: 2005
Current Owner: Robin Boudreault
Location: Montreal, Quebec

Date of purchase: July 2011
Previous owners:

Interesting History, Modifications etc.
Originally purchased out of EFlorida and modified by owner to achieve 222 whp  while maintaining all original parts.

Mods include 

Begi downpipe • Begi midpipe • Begi Intake • Megasquirt MS3  • AEM electronic boost control • Air time GM sensor • Wideband UEGO • Tuned dyno by professional


 The fake oil pressure dial has been replaced by a functional turbo dial • UEGO AFR air / fuel mixture dial • 1/8 "radio power jack • Changed driver's seat padding to give extra height • Cruise control added after (plugged into the optional original cruise light.

Mileage at purchase :  34,000 km
Current Mileage:   86,000 miles


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