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MSM # 411570

Year: 2005
Model: CanAm
Last Known Owner: 
Name Withheld Upon Request
Location: Toronto, Ont

Date of purchase: Dec 5, 2010
Previous owners:

New Mexico

Austin, Texas

Interesting History, Modifications etc.

Originally purchased in New Mexico where it lived the majority of its life there.
I purchased it from Austin Texas miles, drove it to Toronto in Dec 2010 and daily drove it year round until I sold it in the summer of 2013.

Unfortunately the guy I sold it to ended up selling it locally in Toronto in 2016. 

When I had it, it had the FM little enchilada kit. I proceeded to mod a few things like a boost controller, PLX boost gauge, oil catch can, throttle body elbow, etc. to make it more reliable as a track car. I tracked it a lot.

Mileage at purchase :  42,000 miles
Current Mileage:  unknown


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