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MSM # 404314

Model: Canadian
Year: 2004
Location: Moncton, N.B.
Current Owner: M. Steeves

Date of purchase: October 2013

Interesting History, Modifications etc:

I compete in Regional Autocross events, my class is E Street, so minimal mods - changed to a smaller rear swaybar, have some lightweight Enkei wheels, and some sticky tires. I would love to do the Flyin Miata Little Enchilada kit, but the amount of additional mods I'd have to do to be competitive in the new class would be cost-prohibitive. Especially since the car's
competitive in stock trim. General consensus is that the MSM doesn't do
very well at the US Nationals in stock class* (short gearing and low redline force more shifts), but I feel like at the regional and especially local level, it can be quite competitive. I like the balance it strikes of fun to drive around town, but still competitive in Autox.



Regional Championships Class Champion

Canadian Autoslalom Championships - E Street Class

          Placed 2nd in Class 11th Overall



Regional Championships

          Placed 2nd in Class

     "I lose the season by a pylon" :)



Regional Championships

    Win Most Improved award for my  region



Mileage at purchase :  105,000 km
Current Mileage:  135,000 km


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