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MSM # 404534

Year: 2004
Model: Canadian
Current Owner:
Name Witheld at Owner's Request
Location: Port Elgin, Ont.
Date of purchase: May 24, 2016
Previous owners:

History, Modifications etc.:
The car was initially sold from the dealer in April 2004 in Barrie Ont . The car was later traded in for a Mustang at the Ford Dealer in Exeter, Ontario (August 2009). It was then Dealer traded to Owen Sound Mazda in Aug 09 where a gentleman from Markdale, Ontario bought the car. We then purchased the car in May of 2016 from him.
We previously had a 2000 base NB that we had purchased in 2004. After putting approx. 85000 kms on the car we decide to look for a “NB Mazdaspeed”. We sold our 2000 and bought the 2004....a great upgrade. We love the Mazdaspeed and managed to rack up about 5000 kms this past summer.

Mileage at purchase :  45000 km
Current Mileage:  50000 km

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