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MSM # 404621

Model: Canadian
Year: 2004 5
Location: Summerland, B.C.
Current Owner: Tom Brickenden
Owner Comments:

Date of purchase: June 19, 2009
Previous owners: 
Duffrey Sigurdson, Kelowna B.C.



Vehicle has been modified with Flyin' Miata parts. Turbo intake and cold air intake. High flow exhaust too.
Supposed to be around 200 hp now!
I bought the vehicle with these modifications completed, and i am the third owner i think.

Previous owner was Duffrey Sigurdson from Kelowna, BC.   He had owned it for 3 years, bought it off a used dealer here in Kelowna.   Previous owner to him was from the Vancouver region.   The Vancouver owner did the Flyin' Miata modifications to it. 

At purchase by me: 40050 km
Currently: 61109 km

404621 (3).jpg
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