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MSM # 414285


Year: 2005
Model: Canadian
Current Owner:
Name Witheld at Owner's Request
Location: Ontario
Owner Comments:

Date of purchase: June 19, 2009
Previous owners: Unknown+

Some History:

Purchased  used with 5125 kms on the car from the Import Car Centre in Ottawa 1 Oct. 17 2006

The car was totaled in Peterborough on July 6 2007 it had about 17000 km on the car.
It had been hit on the driver side front fender hard enough to lift the engine and bent the structure enough that the roof wouldn’t properly close.
I did see the car for sale twice after it was totaled and made inquiries about it to see how honest the seller was.
The second seller  claimed it had been in a small accident with no great damage. I expect it had a salvage title at that time but I did not ask


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