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Is the MSM collectable?...........The answer is absolutely!

I believe most Miatas will become collectible just as the early Mustangs did even though there were a "million of 'em". However, the investment value will also mirror the Mustang scenario IMHO. The plain jane 6-cylinder Mustang HT is still a collectible but its value pales in comparison to other more popular models such as GTs, Hi-Pos, Mach 1s, Bosses, Shelbys etc. Each one of these models in turn differentiate in values from each other.


It is these, for want of a better term, "special editions" that will command the most value going down the road. In some cases, they already have as indicated with prices for some Special Editions being sold at a premium above a "regular" Miata in many cases (all things being equal). The high dollar amounts are well down the road at this point, but they will come. My previous passion was Mustangs and I watched as brand-new high-performance Mustangs were purchased, modified and abused and eventually "restored" back to factory specs as the years went by and prices went up.


So, would the Mazdaspeed Miata (and its siblings) be considered a true collectible?

Yes, if history tends to repeat itself, I believe we have the makings of a First Gen Mustang Boss 302 scenario here. My comparisons are as follows:

Capture 4.JPG
El Mazda Mx-5 SE estaba disponible en cuatro colores diferentes:
  • Rojo de velocidad
  • Gris titanio
  • Mica negra
  • Plata de la luz del sol
Capture 1.JPG
404344 (1).jpeg
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