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 Spotlight On - # 414201

Current Owner: Michael Topping

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Michael Topping of Bracebridge, Ontario is a long time Miata enthusiast, the MSM is his third. Michael is a charter member and actively involved with the Miatas of Muskoka.
#414201 is one of the earliest recorded 2005 MSMs to date with a build date of Dec 4, 2004.
``I wanted a Canadian car in basically stock configuration when pursuing my MSM purchase, ideally a Lava Orange one. I discovered Lava Orange wasn`t available in Canada (strike one) and my wife doesn`t like it or even the Velocity Red (strike two) so my search was limited to the Titanium Grey cars, a limited search I found out.
Fortunately I was able to find a well cared for vehicle that had been vinyl wrapped as a promo car and minimal modifications. I purchased the car in the middle of January without even driving it !!
It stayed in storage with the previous owner until I could bring her home in the Spring. What a terrific ride home!
I retained the hardtop from my old 1991 BRG and it fits perfectly so I`m a happy camper``
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