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CRISPEED ... a fire Survivor story

In the Spring of 2021, MSM # 409353 was parked snuggly in it's garage when the house became engulfed in flames eventually destroying the home and most of its contents, However, the car survived mostly intact although the aluminum hood melted through in places, the headlights were mush. The Titanium Grey paint was badly charred by the flames, the soft top burnt down to its frame and the windshield had exploded from the extreme heat.


This burnt-up Mazdaspeed Miata, with almost no part of the car spared, the engine bay was charred beyond recognition the interior just a memory, was obviously dead and just needed a proper burial.

409353 (11).JPG
409353 (18).jpg
409353 (23).jpg
crispy 3.JPG

That's were Alex Giroux comes in, he thrives off of building unusual Miata projects (he's had 48 of 'em) and loved the challenge of getting this badly-charred MSM driving once again.


Upon first inspection, Alex noted that everything electrical, but the fuel pump, was still working fine. "I knew it'd be easy; nothing was fully gone, wiring wise." So with a lot of patience, Alex simply began peeling apart the engine harness where some of the wires had melted together from the heat. With all of the potential short circuits eliminated, he was surprised when turning the key, the car started right up.

409353 (20).jpg
Sounds easy but apparently a  little more work was required to get the car back on the road. Alex's sense of humour drove him to replace the washer bottle with a empty Jack Daniel's bottle. Removal of the damaged bumper, a fresh set of wheels and tires, Alex then set about enjoying his rather unique turbo Miata. The car has garnered quite the stir in the Miata world and been the subject of several auto magazine articles and why not it's a true survivor!
409353 (1).JPG
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