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 The Story of # 406991


Current Owner:

Andrea and Claudia Mancini Owners of Miataland Resort

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Miata MX-5 enthusiasts are generally quite happy as long as they have a twisty road and top down weather, I mean can it get any better than that? The answer of course is absolutely! How about an elegant 17th century stone farmhouse resort within the vineyard hills of Italy where you can drive a different Miata MX-5 every day?


This is a vacation you can actually enjoy thanks to the ultimate Miata enthusiasts, Andrea and Claudia Mancini, the Owners/hosts of Miataland. Thanks to their efforts, enthusiasts can travel to the rolling Umbrian hills located on the fringes of Piedicolle in central Italy and cruise everyday in a different Miata MX-5 selected from the world's largest collection of over 40 Miatas, Eunos, Roadsters and MX-5s.


Included in the Miataland Collection is an American 2004 Velocity Red Mazdaspeed Chassis # 406991 (Build # 1893 for you Yanks). The vehicle was purchased out of Florida in the USA and brought to Italy specifically for Miataland.

Produced on March 22, 2004 this Velocity Red GT was purchased new in Alabama before making its way to Florida. It was purchased and exported to Italy in 2008.

If you choose to visit Miataland Resort you can tour the winding hills of Italy in this very Mazdaspeed!!

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