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MSM # 414568

Year: 2005
Model: CanAm
Current Owner: Name wtheld upon request
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
Owner Comments:

Date of purchase: 2014
Interesting History, Modifications etc.:

I have a Ti grey 2005 that was ordered from a dealership in Victoria (which dealership is in the log, but it's in Victoria with the car). The car spent the first few years only being driven for fun, and was then stored under a tarp for 5 years when the original owner bought a WRX. I bought the car in 2014 still under that tarp, and towed it home.

It had 26,000 km when I bought it, and now it's just over 30,000 km.

The car has a Flyin' Miata Big Enchilada kit and grippy rotors and pads from before it was parked, but is otherwise stock. I removed the drivers sun visor and some foam from the seat because I'm tall.

I drove the car in autocross events on the island until I moved away in 2015. As soon as I move back to BC I'll be driving it again. I miss it!

Mileage at purchase : 26000 km
Current Mileage: 30000 km


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