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MSM # 404466

Model: Canadian
Year: 2004
Location: Barrie, Ont.
Current Owner: Colman Au

Date of purchase: January 2017
Interesting History, Modifications etc.

I purchased this car this past January from a teenager with two other Miatas when I first looked at It I, It seemed pretty clean other than the small paint bubble on the fender

… after I bought it and took some time looking at it, I found the all the classic Miata rust had been well hidden behind the side skirts (which did not seem bad at the time)

I was heartbroken, coming from an NA Miata I knew this was bad

But I stuck with it and being a broke college student, I honestly could not afford

the patch panels shipped from the States so l cut all the rust completed the bodywork myself.


Although this car was a massive headache, every time I hop in it, it brings a smile to my face. That's exactly what a Miata should be and it's faster than my NA

Mileage at purchase :  135 K km



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