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MSM # 404338

Model: Canadian
Year: 2004
Location: Bracebridge, Ont
Current Owner: Jim Hadley
Owner Comments:

Date of purchase:  April 24, 2014 
Previous owners:

Initially leased for four years out of Waterloo where the owner requested the Dealer installed air conditioning and custom leather seats (not available in Canada).


Acquired by Barbara S. Fine acquired it on April 24, 2009 with 52427 kms.   

She then sold it to Brooke Monette who bought it May 5, 2013 with 70300 kms.

Jim purchased the car in Spring of 2014


A/C, aerodynamics package, complete Flyin Miata turbo kit with a new computer as the original turbo was damaged when I got the car.   V-max coilovers that are height adjustable so I have the car lower than factory. I have two sets of 15" rims, the 7"x15" rims wear summer performance tires and the 6"x15" rims have performance all weather tires for spring and fall.  I installed a "Hot Dog" sport roll bar.   Also changed out the gears in the rear end to raise the final ratio.  

At purchase by me: 74580 km
Currently:  >100,000 km

404388 as delivered Spring 2004
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